Savory Chicken & Veggies in Coconut Broth

nutrition Sep 23, 2017

This is a more lengthy & complex recipe. Still super easy to make but does require a bit of time. It took me approximately 45 minutes to make. This is a great recipe to make for guests, a special occasion, or when you have time to prep a bulk batch of this for meals for the week! Enjoy!

Click Play to watch how I make it [VIDEO]



  • CHICKEN (I suggest you get Organic Free Range Chicken if you do eat animal meat. I order and get all of my meat delivered from an amazing company that sources the highest quality chicken from small family farms who take pride in their animal's health, safety, and humane treatment to provide you with the highest nutritional value and health benefits. This chicken is NEVER treated with hormones or antibiotics.
  • 1/2 onion
  • 4-5 garlic cloves
  • 1 inch piece ginger
  • Any red chile or pepper you like
  • Handful cilantro
  • 1.5 tbsp sun-dried tomatoes
  • Garam Masala to taste (about 1tbsp)
  • Cumin to taste (about 1 tsp)
  • Coriander to taste (about 1tsp)
  • ...
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What's In My Fridge

nutrition Sep 22, 2017

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Username: lais_deleon



Where I order all my meat delivered to my home

Where I get condiments, spices, dry packaged health food, etc

Beverage Can Holder w/ Lid

Self Draining Fresh Produce Keeper Containers

Dozen Egg Holder w/ lid

Cheese Container

Glass Milk Jars

Glass Meal Prep Containers
Set of 3 sizes w/ lids
Rectangle set w/ locking lids

Clear Organizing Tray



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Asian Ribeye Steak Recipe

nutrition Sep 21, 2017

I made this recipe LIVE with my friends on Instagram - Here's the video.
(recipe details below)


  1. The most important ingredient: GRASS FINISHED RIBEYE Steak. I order ALL my meat from HERE. I highly recommend you learn where your meat is coming from, what goes into it, and ensure all your beef is not only grass-fed, but GRASS FINISHED! (very important)... Or just shop where I do Click here to learn more.
  2. Salt & Pepper
  3. Chinese Five Spice
  4. Garlic Cloves
  5. Ginger
  6. Thai Chile
  7. Lime
  8. Fresh Cilantro


  1. Start with semi-dry, not too cold steaks. Season them with salt, pepper, and about a teaspoon of Chinese Five Spice per steak. (season to your taste)
  2. On an EXTRA HOT pan sear steak on both sides and cook to your desired temperature. I like Medium.
  3. Remove from pan and set aside to set.
  4. Grate or grind with pestle & mortar the fresh garlic, chile, ginger, and a bit of lime zest. Mix with olive oil, a conservative splash of soy sauce alternative, and the juice of a...
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Where I Order Meat

nutrition Sep 01, 2017

I get all my Grass-Fed Beef and Organic Free Range Chicken from an AMAZING company that has a relationship with some great small family farms. They source the meat and distribute it to people like me who care about meat safety, nutritional value, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and the humane treatment of animals but don't always have access to this quality locally or the time to research each cut of meat bought at a grocery store. I highly recommend doing this if you consume meat regularly and want to be more responsible about it. 
They also offer heritage breed pork!

Check out what I got this month and a quick review of my Meat Delivery Service ! If you're interested in trying something like this, click any of the blue links to learn more about the company and how you can order too.

Try it yourself! Get 15% off + FREE Bacon!


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How To Choose Beef (Nutritious, Sustainable, Humane)

nutrition Aug 22, 2017

I know there's a lot of confusing information out there about meat, it's safety, effects on our health, sustainability concerns and the humane treatment of animals for food production. After my review of the film What The Health (HERE) I've gotten a lot of questions about how to choose meat wisely if you care about nutritional value, environmental sustainability, and the humane treatment of animals.

  • If meat is "Certified Organic" does that mean it is also sustainably raised and humanely treated?
  • Do I really need to buy organic?
  • What's the difference and why should I care?

I think it's amazing so many of you are interested in HOW your food is being produced and I understand how confusing it can all be at first. Allow me to try my best to simplify it all in a way I wish someone would have explained it to me.

 Problems with conventionally farmed beef

First let's talk about the problems with conventional beef production

  • Grain Finished Feeding & CAFO feeding conditions
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How to Track the Macros in a Serving of a Home-Cooked Meal

fit blog nutrition Apr 12, 2017

Do you get confused as to how you track your macros for a serving of a dish you make a large amount of?  I know it can be tricky, but with this video and MyFitnessPal, it will be easier than you know! Learn how to manually enter your own recipes into MyFitnessPal so you can track all your macros whether or not you make your own food, or eat out.


Lais's Mac and Cheese:

Creamy Chia Cheeze (Vegetable-based)

Coconut Milk (or your choice non-dairy milk)

Broccoli (organic is best)

Nutritional Yeast (optional)

Brown Rice Pasta

Colby Jack Cheese (optional)


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Life Update/Worst Travel Experience

fit blog nutrition Apr 12, 2017

Traveling for work is sometimes fun, but it can be taxing and not always a smooth ride.  However, I had fun shooting and doing my first podcast interview for!  Check out the behind-the-scenes shots from what I was doing on my trip.  Shooting with is always great because I get to have help setting everything up, and yet I get to step out of my comfort zone too.  We all need to be challenged in order to grow as individuals, so this was a great experience!  I also included a new recipe for my One-Pan Cheesy Chicken "Casserole", try it out and tell me what you think!


One-Pan Cheesy Chicken "Casserole"

Chicken Broth (low sodium)          Sea Salt                                            

Zuchinni (pre-cut)                      ...

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Food Prep- The Lais Method

nutrition Apr 12, 2017

How do you food prep? Most people think of piles of containers and perfectly portioned meals stacked in a fridge for a week.

Not my style, I do not like having meals sitting in my fridge all week.  I like prepping food, and having it ready for cooking my meals during the week. I still have all my veggies, protein, sauces, and fruit for the week, but all ready to make separately.  

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Healthy On-The-Go Snacks for Busy Girls

nutrition Apr 12, 2017

We all have days where we are on the run, and we need pick me ups throughout the day.  I want to share my easy go-to snacks that keep me running throughout my busy days.  I hope you get some good ideas and create your own to-go snacks to help you live a healthier lifestyle!



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nutrition Apr 12, 2017

I like making Sofrito to add to a lot of my favorite dishes.  It is simple to make, and the way I store it makes my life easier when making quick meals.  The ingredients are simple, yet flavorful.  Let me know how you like this tip!



Extra Virgin Olive Oil               Cilantro

Garlic (peeled)                          White Onions

Red Bell Pepper                       Pearl Onions

Green Onions

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